Panel: The Effect of School District and Immigration Policies On Immigrant Students' Educational Outcomes

Saturday, November 10, 2012: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM
Salon E (Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Organizers:  Dylan Conger, George Washington University
Moderators:  Gary Painter, University of Southern California and Sarah Bohn, Public Policy Institute of California
Chairs:  Kimber Bogard, National Academies

Nearly one-quarter of US school-age youth are immigrants or have immigrant parents, and many young newcomers are not sufficiently proficient in English. Educators and policymakers require information on the impact of public investments on the schooling of US newcomers. To that end, this panel features three papers that investigate the effectiveness of school district and federal immigration policies on the education of immigrant youth. Starting locally and moving to a national perspective, the papers examine the impact of grade-level placement decisions on the academic performance of newcomers to the Miami-Dade public school system; the effect of bilingual education programs on English Learner students and their peers in Texas school districts; and the impact of the amnesty program of the 1986 US Immigration Reform and Control Act on postsecondary access for immigrant youth. The panel is diverse along several dimensions, including institutional affiliation (seven institutions), data employed (Miami-Dade, Texas, national), as well as the gender and race/ethnicity of the panelists.

The Impact of Bilingual Education On Limited English Proficient Students and Their Peers
Scott Imberman, Michigan State University, Aimee Chin, University of Houston and N. Meltem Daysal, Tilburg University

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