Roundtable: Policy Choices: The Role of Academic and Expert-Led Research to Inform Policy
(Political Processes)

Saturday, November 10, 2012: 1:45 PM-3:15 PM
Calhoun (Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Organizers:  Matthew A Nagle, Indiana University Public Policy Institute
Speakers:  Drew Klacik, Indiana University Public Policy Institute and Seth B Payton, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Moderators:  Matthew A Nagle, Indiana University Public Policy Institute

Each election provides choices. Voters choose candidates as a means of deciding the future direction of public policy for the state. However, the ability of candidates to absorb into their platforms the relevant information and to consider the costs and benefits with various courses of action can prove difficult in a tight election cycle. The choices facing the public and candidates on critical issues such as education policy, workforce development, tax policy, and energy policy require careful analysis, debate, and understanding of the risks and rewards with policy actions. How can academic research and expert insight help to inject data-driven information into the process? This paper examines the process and results of convening policy experts and thought leaders to engage in a facilitated discussion of critical policy issues for Indiana’s 2012 election cycle. The products of commissions made up of volunteer experts in the areas of state and local tax policy, education and workforce development, and energy policy to inform policy debates are examined as a means of improving policy outcomes. This paper assesses how offering policy choices rather than policy prescriptions can mediate otherwise intractable policy debates.

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