Poster: Saturday Poster Session

Saturday, November 10, 2012: 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
Liberty A & B (Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter


A Synthesis of Six Experimental Evaluations of Learning Communities At Six Community Colleges
Alexander K. Mayer1, Michael Weiss1, Colleen Sommo1, Mary Visher1, Evan Weissman1, Timothy Rudd1, Dan Cullinan1 and Heather Wathington2, (1)MDRC, (2)University of Virginia, Curry School of Education

An Experimental Evaluation of the Value-Added Metric
Jonah Deutsch, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

Assessing Effectiveness: Strategies for Achieving Local Economic Development Goals
Rebecca Moryl, Clara Ren, Mark Decristoforo, Colin Shea and David Somerville, Emmanuel College

Cleaned up or Dumped On? the Empirical Effects of Trash Privatization On Ethnically-Diverse Neighborhoods
Erica McFadden1, Joanna Lucio1 and Jing Wang2, (1)Arizona State University, (2)California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Cost Containment Vs. Access: The Case of Texas WIC
Katherine Meckel, Texas A&M University

Disparities In School Quality and the Black-White Mortality Gap
Dan A. Black, University of Chicago, Yu-Chieh Hsu, NORC at the University of Chicago and Lowell J. Taylor, Carnegie Mellon University

Does Person-Environment Fit Reduce Employee's Perception of Organizational Goal Ambiguity?
Rusi Sun, Shuyang Peng and Sanjay K. Pandey, Rutgers University - Newark

Evaluating the Performance of Charter Schools In the Greater Los Angeles Area
Greg Thorson and Matt Gutierrez, University of Redlands

International Non-Governmental Organizations In New York City: A Baseline Description
Cristina Balboa, Baruch College-CUNY and Laurel Welton, Baruch College - CUNY

Managing Professionals: Value Infusion and Role Expectations
Xuhong Su, University of South Carolina, Columbia and Barry Bozeman, School of Public Affairs

Maybe Money Matters? Analyzing the Relationship Between Salary Spending and Student Achievement At the School-Level
James Woodworth, University of Arkansas - Dept of Education Reform and Gary Ritter, University of Arkansas

Multi-Jurisdictional Facilities and Revenue Sharing In Georgia Local Governments
Tyler Reinagel and Justin Stritch, University of Georgia

Organizational Capacity Building to Promote Community Resilience and Disaster Preparedness
Pamela Joshi1, Sarah Lycan2, Brian Burke2 and Casey Tischner2, (1)Brandeis University, (2)RTI International

Parental Education and Participation In School Choice
Andrew Brannegan, American University

Predicted Individual and Cumulative Effects of College Preparation Activities On College Enrollment In Central Texas
Greg Cumpton1, Deanna Schexnayder1, Christopher King1 and Chandler Stolp2, (1)University of Texas, Austin, (2)Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM)

Residential Stability and Academic Performance: City University of New York Students Living In Public Housing
Simon McDonnell1, David Crook2 and Colin Chellman2, (1)Governor's Office of Storm Recovery (New York), (2)City University of New York

Revising the U.S. Poverty Threshold Measure to Capture An Individual's Net Present Value
Peter Manda, University of Pennsylvania - Fels Institute (graduated Dec. 2012)

Scaling up: An Analysis of Rapid Nonprofit Growth with Government Funding
Jasmine McGinnis1, Lewis Faulk2 and Susannah Ali2, (1)George Washington University, (2)American University

Schools' Strategies for Using School Improvement Grant (SIG) Funds
Karen B Manship, American Institutes for Research

The Industrial Upgrading In Resource Depletion Regions for Minority Areas
Xiuping Zhang1, Yabin Ke1 and Manqi Ke2, (1)Minzu University of China, (2)Chinese Academy of Science

Three Generation Family Households In Early Childhood: Comparisons Between Australia, the UK, and the US
Natasha Pilkauskas, Columbia University and Melissa Martinson, Princeton University

Transfer Incentives for Highest-Performing Teachers: Who Applies, Who Transfers?
Ali E. Protik, Steven Glazerman, Bing-ru Teh, Julie Bruch and Neil Seftor, Mathematica Policy Research

Understanding Policy Outcomes In the Context of Caseworker Resources
Rebekah K. Selekman, University of Wisconsin- Madison

University Funding Schemes and Functional Differentiation
Satoshi P. Watanabe and Yasumi Abe, Hiroshima University

Child Care by Nonresident Fathers
Yeongmin Kim, Institute for Research on Poverty; University of Wisconsin, Madison

Income and Early Achievement Across the Urban to Rural Continuum
Portia Miller1, Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal1 and Claude Setodji2, (1)University of Pittsburgh, (2)RAND Corporation

On Persistent Poverty In a Rich Country
TMTonmoy Islam, Jenny Minier and James P. Ziliak, University of Kentucky

State Policy Approaches to Achieving High Quality Early Care and Education
Maia C Connors and Pamela Morris, New York University

Analyzing High School Transcripts to Improve College Access: Results from an IES Research Grant Study
Karen Levesque, Robert Fitzgerald, Jennifer Laird and Roger Studley, MPR Associates

Determinants of Demand for Vocational Education In India
Namrata Tognatta, University of Pennsylvania

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