Panel: Complex Families: Considering Multiple Perspectives and Their Implications for Policy
(Fragile, At-Risk Families and Youth)

Friday, November 8, 2013: 9:45 AM-11:15 AM
Georgetown I (Washington Marriott)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Panel Chairs:  Ronald Mincy, Columbia University
Discussants:  Linda Mellgren, US Department of Health and Human Services
The Growth in Family Complexity and Implications for Family Policy
Maria Cancian, Steven Cook and Dan Meyer, University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Family-Go-Round: Multi-Partner Fertility and Father Involvement From a Father's Perspective
Laura Tach1, Kathryn Edin2 and Brielle Bryant2, (1)Cornell University, (2)Harvard University

Multi-Partnered Fertility and Child Well-Being among Urban U.S. Parents
Marcia Carlson1, Frank Furstenberg2, Sara McLanahan3 and Alicia G. VanOrman1, (1)University of Wisconsin, Madison, (2)University of Pennsylvania, (3)Princeton University

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