Poster: Friday Poster Session

Friday, November 8, 2013: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
West End Ballroom A (Washington Marriott)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Winners and Losers in Economic Development and Social Progress in the New EU Countries
Ladislav Kabat and Lubos Cibak, School of Economics and Management

The Last Decade of Economic Growth and Social Development in the New EU Member Countries
Jana Stavkova, Mendel University and Ladislav Kabat, School of Economics and Management

Improving Energy Codes By Accounting for Social Damages
Grant D. Jacobsen, University of Oregon

Accelerating Connections to Employment—A Randomized Control Trial
Allan Porowski, Akua B. Gyabaah and Dominic Modicamore, ICF International

Agencification and Performance: The Impact of Autonomy and Result-Control On the Performance of Executive Agencies in Korea
Nanyoung Kim, Board of Audit & Inspection of Korea and Wonhyuk Cho, Seoul National University

Does Cash Flow Matter? Organizational Impacts On Hospice Longevity
Robert J. Eger, Naval Postgraduate School and Maximiliano Mendieta, University of Michigan

Effective Resource Development Strategies to Maximize Nonprofit Food Distribution
Bethany Slater, State University of New York, Albany

Effects of Government Spending On Research Workforce Development: Evidence From Biomedical Postdoctoral Researchers
Hyungjo Hur1, Navid Ghaffarzadegan2 and Joshua Hawley1, (1)Ohio State University, (2)Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Examining the Impact of Succession Planning On Employment Volatility in Local Governments
Sean C. Nicholson-Crotty, Indiana University and Andrew K. Wesemann, University of Missouri

Growing Declining Cities: Insights From Neighborhood Analysis
Chris Calitz and Chris Millard, Johns Hopkins University

How Can “Essential” Surgical Care Become a Political Priority On the Global Health Agenda?An Application of a Policy Framework
Yusra Shawar1, Jeremy Shiffman1 and David Spiegel2, (1)American University, (2)University of Pennsylvania

Immigration and Metropolitan Areas' Economic Growth
Xiaochu Hu, George Mason University

Matching For Group Level Treatments With Dynamic Programming
Luke Keele, Penn State University, Jose Zubizaretta, Columbia University and Paul Rosenbaum, University of Pennsylvania

Measuring Shifts in Strategic Policy Alignment: Using the Rethink Health Dynamics Model As a Simulation Support for Local Health System Reform
Hyunjung Kim1, Hyo-Shin Kwon2, David Andersen3, Roderick MacDonald2, Bobby Milstein4, Gary Hirsch4 and Rebecca Niles4, (1)University of California, Chico, (2)State University of New York, Albany, (3)University at Albany, (4)ReThink Health

Self-Employment Penalties, Growth, and Labor Market Regulations
Nadwa Mossaad1, Tim Gindling1 and David Newhouse2, (1)University of Maryland, Baltimore County, (2)World Bank

Student Mobility Patterns and Its Impact On Brain-Drain: Two Decades of Evidence
Manuel S Gonzalez Canche and James M. Byars, University of Georgia

The Bracero Program and Effects On Human Capital Investments in Mexico, 1942-1964
Edward Lawrence Kosack, University of Colorado, Boulder

The Global Financial Crisis, Subjective Well-Being, and Vulnerability
Soumya Chattopadhyay, The Brookings Institution

The Influence of Social Media in Government On Citizen Trust in Government
Changsoo Song, University of Nebraska at Omaha and Jooho Lee, University of Nebraska

The Lasting Effects of Leaving School in An Economic Downturn On Alcohol Use
Johanna Catherine Maclean, University of Pennsylvania

The Path To Timely Completion: Supply and Demand-Side Policy Analysis Of Time To Degree
Jenna Cullinane and Jane Lincove, University of Texas, Austin

Risk-Based Targeting of Environmental Inspections
Mark Braza and Mike Krafve, US Government Accountability Office

U.S. Border Enforcement and Mexican Immigrant Location Choice
Sarah Bohn, Public Policy Institute of California and Todd Pugatch, Oregon State University

Using Data for Social and Business Decision Making: Evidence From Eight Non-Profit Social Enterprises Organizations
Jacqueline Berman1, Nan Maxwell1 and Christina Garcia2, (1)Mathematica Policy Research, (2)REDF

Using Social Media Data Analysis to Better Understand Target Populations
Monica Priddy and Meaghan E. George, Optimal Solutions Group

When Budgeting Decisions Giveth and Taketh Away
David R. Connelly and Robert McMurray, Utah Valley University

“Cliff Effects” in Massachusetts Subsidized Child Care
Graham W. Wright, Brandeis University

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act and Its Effect On Daca-Eligible Youth
Skye Allmang and Imelda Plascencia, University of California, Los Angeles

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