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Call for Proposals

2020 APPAM Fall Research Conference
Research across the Policy Lifecycle – Formulation, Implementation, Evaluation and Back Again
November 12 - 14, 2020
Washington, DC

APPAM’s 42nd Annual Fall Research Conference will take place Thursday, November 12 through Saturday, November 14 at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington, D.C. This year's conference theme, Research across the Policy Lifecycle – Formulation, Implementation, Evaluation and Back Again, highlights the question of what happens when evidence-based policies or programs meet implementation in real-world organizations and contexts.

New data, improved research methods, and increased policymaker attention all mean that our policies and programs have the potential to be more evidence-based than ever before. But what happens when evidence-based programs and policies are actually implemented? Policies and programs often perform differently than expected for reasons rooted in the policies or programs themselves, in the contexts in which they are implemented, or in the process of their implementation. Policymaking can benefit from research exploring the challenges of implementation in real-world contexts and the correlates of successful implementation. Evaluations both of the extent of policy success or failure and of the sources of that success or failure can help inform our understanding of where to focus attention next, precipitating the next cycle of problem identification and policy development.

The following submission types will be solicited in the conference’s 15 policy areas:

  • Panel - Panels include 3-4 papers. A chair and at least one, and a maximum of two discussants are required. Panels with four papers are encouraged to have two discussants. Presenting authors may not serve as the chair or discussant on the same panel. Individuals may only present a paper on one panel throughout the conference, though they may serve as a chair or discussant multiple times.
  • Poster - Poster submissions are single paper proposals that are presented in a poster format. Presenters will be asked to discuss their work and answer questions during each poster session. A first, second, and third pace winner will be selected from the presenters each day.
  • Roundtable - Roundtables do not include papers, but rather feature speakers who will discuss a topic from varying perspectives and draw the audience into a discussion on the topic. Roundtable proposals should include 4 speakers plus a moderator.
  • Single Papers - Single papers are proposals that will later be combined with other single papers to be presented as cohesive panel sessions around a single topic.
  • Super Sessions - Super Sessions are broadly-appealing sessions that will interest a large number of attendees, and cover an important and topical issue in public policy. This submission type should be interdisciplinary and be of interest to attendees across multiple policy areas.

Abstracts for individual papers and posters should be between 100 and 500 words. If a panel of papers is proposed there should be a summary of each paper plus an overarching description of the panel and its importance. Descriptions for roundtables should be between 100 and 500 words, plus a listing of participants and a summary of their contributions.

All submissions must be completed no later than Friday, April 24, 2020 by 11:59 PM PT.

If you have questions, please email Samantha Oliver Thomason at

Begin a submission to the following:

New Submissions Closed

New Submissions Closed

New Submissions Closed

New Submissions Closed

New Submissions Closed

***The deadline for all submissions is Friday, April 24, 2020 11:59 pm PT. After review from the APPAM Program Committee, all submitters will receive an accept or reject notice by mid to late July.***

Steps and Instructions:


    There are 4 steps to the online submission process.

    • Title - Enter the title of the proposal (single paper or panel) and submitting author's email address.
    • Authors & Institutions - Enter contact information for submitting, presenting, and all other authors.
    • Abstract Text - Insert the body of the abstract here. Abstracts may be submitted by copying and pasting your text into the provided text box.
    • Confirmation - Please review all information carefully and complete the submission.
  2. TITLE

    Please provide paper and session titles that are no more than 15 words long.
    You will be required to select a Primary Policy Area.


    Please list all authors in the order you wish for them to appear in the program.

    Please include the submitting author, as anyone not listed in your submission will not appear in the program.

    Please include complete contact information for each author.

    When listing institutions, list ONLY the parent institution. APPAM will not publish school, office or department names, regardless of your institution's policy.

    Example: University of California-Berkeley (NOT Goldman School of Public Policy)

    Example: US Department of Education (NOT Office of Inspector General)


    Abstracts are limited to 100 - 500 words. This system will accept symbols. You do not need to include bibliographic or reference information with your abstract.

    Abstracts may be formatted as you see fit. APPAM does not require that abstracts be submitted with specific font, paragraph, or layout requirements as long as it is easy for reviewers to read and is 100 - 500 words in length.

    Abstracts may be submitted by copying and pasting your text into the provided text box.


    You will have a chance to look over the submission to make sure it is complete.


    For help in submitting an abstract online,email Tech Support.

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