Panel Paper: The Simultaneous City: Introduction to the Urban Planning at the Global-South.

Friday, July 20, 2018
Building 3, Room 208 (ITAM)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Daniel Gonzalez and Maria Teresa PĂ©rez Bourzac, Universidad de Guadalajara

The cities of the contemporary world face a new cycle of changes. In all the continents in these urban-spatial territorialities, the contradictions accumulated by a system that reproduces a plan that entails inequalities and privileges are manifested. The impacts on its spatiality, show the interests involved towards a new stage of transformations that define the construction of spaces that the dominant society requires on a world scale. There is at the same time a landscape of places and spaces of poverty in cities of all geographies of the world. Differentiated public space and infrastructures of mobility and proximity connect, distinguish, separate and divide at the same time, places and lives, with the repeated zonning as a model and system. The application of neoliberal-globalizing precepts, over the territory, has negative, environmental and social coexistence consequences. The ecological impacts also express the serious problems to be faced. The problems of the urban south-global, are shown in extensive scenarios that are mixed with those of the privileged classes, while advancing the deterioration of the spatial qualities and quality of life of millions of inhabitants.

Keywords: Simultaneous City, Territory, Urban Planning, Global-South