Poster Paper: Accessibility to Online Education in Charlotte, NC

Friday, April 7, 2017
George Mason University Schar School of Policy

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Alexandra Allman, Walden University
The accessibility and withholding of e-collaboration for students is not a new matter. However, discussions have been neglected on how to measure the level and degree of success and the level and degree of failure for students at brick and mortar schools with respect to online learning. The key research question(s) for this study are 1) are you able to complete your degree online 2) would you like to have the option to complete your degree online 3) would you like the option to complete some courses in your major online. The purpose of this study is important because technology has progressed and can accommodate for students learning and life styles. Individuals do not have to be stuck in one room for a lecture for two hours at a time. The Yield Shied Shift Theory will be used as framework which tests the individual's satisfaction response. This study will aim to assess brick and mortar colleges and universities in Charlotte, NC. The referenced study will survey a sample in Charlotte, North Carolina of students experiences and perceptions of online education. This survey assessment will be developed and based on the framework of the Likert scale. One recommendation will include to update all schools on the brick and mortar campus to have an online component to give accessibility for teachers to teach students their major online. This will bring about positive social change allowing students and teachers to move freely.