Roundtable: Rising Inequality and the Impact on Public Policy
(Poverty and Income Policy)

Friday, November 7, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Taos (Convention Center)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Roundtable Organizers:  David Johnson, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Moderators:  David Johnson, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Speakers:  Heather Boushey, Washington Center for Equitable Growth, David Grusky, Stanford University, Richard Burkhauser, Cornell University and Brian Nolan, Oxford University

The relationship between macroeconomic growth and income inequality has been the focus of many recent studies and included in recent Presidential speeches. The concern is whether a rising tide is lifting all boats equally. While most studies agree that “the rich have gotten richer,” the issue is whether those on the lower levels of the distribution have also experienced an improvement in their economic well-being. This increase in inequality raises questions about the appropriate policy response. And these responses depend on the reasons for the increase, who is experiencing the gains in income, and who is losing ground. This Roundtable will consider the measurement of inequality both in the US and globally, and if and how public policy can impact this trend in inequality.
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