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Poster: Thursday Poster Session

Thursday, November 12, 2015: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Riverfront South/Central (Hyatt Regency Miami)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Hidden Gold: Research Use in the Age of Evidence-Based Policy
William Penuel1, David Sherer2, Caitlin Farrell1, Heather C. Hill2, Derek Briggs1 and Charles Bibilos3, (1)University of Colorado, Boulder, (2)Harvard University, (3)University of Colorado - Boulder

A Retrospective Evaluation of a Crime Reduction Strategy
Tayo Fabusuyi and Victoria Hill, Numeritics

Understanding Computation of TOT Estimator Standard Errors in Program Evaluation
Luke Keele, Pennsylvania State University and Laura Peck, Abt Associates

Small Businesses' Perceptions and Understanding of Online Alternative Loan Products: Findings from Online Focus Groups
Barbara J Lipman, Federal Reserve Board and Ann Marie Wiersch, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Spanish Use in Head Start and Dual Language Learners' Achievement
Elizabeth B. Miller, University of California, Irvine

Obesity, Carbonated Soft Drink Prices and Water Shortages
Patricia Ritter, University of Chicago

High School Exit Exam Policies, Student Transfers and Attainment: Evidence from a National Longitudinal Study
Jennifer L. Whitson, George Washington University; Alexandria City Public Schools

Responsive Regulation: Target- Vs. Budget-Driven Regulation
Aselia N. Urmanbetova, Daniel Matisoff and Patrick S. McCarthy, Georgia Institute of Technology

Implementing SBIRT at UCLA- Internal Medicine Service
Aleksandra O van Loggerenberg, Danielle Janes, Amanda Ghattas and Rayek Nafiz, University of California, Los Angeles

Heterogeneous District Response to Statewide Finance Reform: Did Pennsylvania's Act 61 Reduce Cross-District Spending Inequality?
Cameron Anglum1, Matthew Steinberg1, Rand Quinn1 and Daniel Kreisman2, (1)University of Pennsylvania, (2)Georgia State University

Older Entrepreneurship in Low Income Communities: Logit Models, Socio-Economic Factors and Mapping Densities
Marysol McGee, Mario Arthur-Bentil and Barbara Robles, Federal Reserve Board

Coordination of Finances and Program Outcomes: A Process
Kate Mendez, United Way of Greenville County

Implementation of a Cash Transfer Program for Older Populations in Mexico: Cash and Debit Card Disbursement Mechanisms
Soledad De Gregorio1, Emma Aguila1 and Alfonso Rivera2, (1)University of Southern California, (2)RAND Corporation

Maternal Labor Supply Effect of Child’s School Entry: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from South Korea
Jaehee Choi, University of Texas at Austin and Haeil Jung, Department of Public Administration, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea

Workload and Teacher Effort
Ben Ost and Jeffrey Schiman, University of Illinois, Chicago

The Impact of State Legislation and Model Policies on School Bullying
Amanda S. Terry, University of Central Florida

Availabile School Resources, District Expenditures, and Student Performance
Corbin Leonard Miller and Jason Cook, Cornell University

Reinventing National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
Handi Chandra Putra, Rutgers University

Prison Work-Release Programs and Incarcerated Women's Labor Market Outcomes
Haeil Jung, Korea University and Robert LaLonde, University of Chicago

Access to Early Childhood Services for Young Children Experiencing Homelessness
Staci M. Perlman and Sara H. Shaw, University of Delaware

Coercive Sexual Environments: Neighborhoods Influences on Sexual Health and Safety
Susan Popkin1, Chantal Annise Hailey2, Nan Astone3, Jay Silverman4, Reed Jordan3 and Janine Zweig3, (1)Urban Institute, (2)New York University, (3)The Urban Institute, (4)University of California, San Diego

Inequality in 3-D: Income, Consumption, and Wealth
Jonathan Fisher, Stanford University, David Johnson, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Jeffrey Thompson, Federal Reserve Board and Timothy Smeeding, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Characteristics of Patients Tested for Hepatitis C and Intervention Costs in the Best-C Study
Joanne E. Brady1, Danielle Liffmann1, Natalie Kil2, Alex D. Federman2, Cynthia Jordan3, Omar Massoud3, Kimberly A. Brown4, David R Nerenz4, Anthony K. Yartel5, Bryce D. Smith5, Claudia Vellozzi5 and David B. Rein1, (1)University of Chicago, (2)Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, (3)University of Alabama at Birmingham, (4)Henry Ford Hospital, (5)U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Role of the Social Safety Net in Mitigating Economic Inequality in California
Sarah Bohn and Caroline Danielson, Public Policy Institute of California

Funding Evidence-Based Innovation: A Case-Study of the Investing in Innovation Fund
Matthew A Cannady and Ardice Hartry, University of California, Berkeley

Social Determinants of Child Overweight and Obesity in Shanghai, China: Understanding Chinese Disparities
Melissa L Martinson1, Yu-Ling Chang1, Wen-Jui Han2 and Jun Wen3, (1)University of Washington, (2)New York University, (3)East China Normal University

Comparing the Effectiveness of Targeted Curricula in Head Start and Public Pre-k Classrooms
Tutrang Nguyen1, Jade Marcus Jenkins1, Anamarie Auger2 and Thurston Domina1, (1)University of California, Irvine, (2)RAND Corporation

Stuck on Options and Implementation: Examining Barriers to Regional Adaptation to Sea Level Rise
Juita-Elena (Wie) Yusuf and Burton St. John III, Old Dominion University

An Economic Evaluation of State Laws Regulating Prescription Drugs
Ioana Popovici1, Johanna Catherine Maclean2, Sharmini Radakrishan3 and Bushra Hijazi1, (1)Nova Southeastern University, (2)Temple University, (3)Abt Associates, Inc.

The Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on Medical Care Utilization and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Medicaid Adult Vision Benefits
Brandy J Lipton, Social and Scientific Systems and Sandra Decker, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Supply of Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Native Entrepreneurship
Keshar Mani Ghimire, Temple University

Legislation Governing Tobacco Use in Ontario, Canada Retirement Homes
Jessica A. Kulak1, Jennifer Beideman2 and Celia Watt2, (1)University at Buffalo - SUNY, (2)State University of New York, Brockport

Extractive Industries, Production Shocks and Criminality: Evidence from a Middle-Income Country
Anja Karolina Tolonen1, Sebastian Axbard2 and Jonas Poulsen2, (1)Barnard College, Columbia University, (2)University of Uppsala

Frequent Emergency Department Users with Criminal Justice Contact: An Opportunity for Targeted Interventions
Shannon McConville1, Renee Hsia2 and Brie Williams2, (1)Public Policy Institute of California, (2)University of California, San Francisco

Rasch Analysis of the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice's Intensive Aftercare Selection Instrument
Anthony P. Setari and Marjorie L. Stanek, Kentucky Statistical Analysis Center

Place-Based Tuition Scholarships and Property Values: Education Policy As Community Development Tool?
Judson E. Murchie, Robert Bifulco and Ross Rubenstein, Syracuse University

Women Graduates in STEM: Role of Universities
Alina Parbtani, Florida International University

Student Selection into Special Education in Early Childhood
Sarah Parsons, University of Missouri

Assessing work injury compensation policies in the GCC Countries
Ujwal Kharel, RAND Corporation; Pardee RAND Graduate School

Effects of an Urban Public Preschool Program on Early Language Development By Race, Ethnicity, and Home Language
Sangyoo Lee1, Judy Temple2, Arthur J. Reynolds3 and C. Momoko Hayakawa1, (1)University of Minnesota, (2)University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs, (3)Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota

The Impact of NCLB Sanctions on School Performance
Greg Thorson, University of Redlands

Gender Response to Competitive Outcomes
June Park John, Stanford University

Philanthropy As a Vehicle for Realigning Incentives in Education
Dhriti P. Stocks, University of Texas, Dallas

The Effects of Rent Stabilization on Individuals, Buildings and Neighborhoods
Davin Kristopher Reed, Furman Center and Robert Collinson, New York University

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