Poster: Friday Poster Session

Friday, November 4, 2016: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Columbia Ballroom (Washington Hilton)

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Friday Poster Session

"Being There": Special Education and Chronic Absenteeism in Elementary School
Michael Gottfried1, Bryant Hopkins2 and Leanna Stiefel2, (1)University of California, Santa Barbara, (2)New York University

What Do You Need to Know to Find What You Need to Know?
David Manheim, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Assessing the Effects of Alcohol Policies on Consumption: Why the Measurement of Consumption Is Important
Marlon Graf1,2, Rosalie Pacula1,2, Greg Midgette2, Raffaele Vardavas2 and Susan Paddock2, (1)Pardee RAND Graduate School, (2)RAND Corporation

Attrition Benchmarks for Planning and Assessing School-Based Evaluations
Jordan Rickles, Kristina (Krissy) Zeiser and Benjamin R. West, American Institutes for Research

Connections Across Systems: Elementary Teacher Outreach to Early Education Programs during the Transition to School and Associations with Children's Initial School Adjustment and Success in the First Year
Kyle DeMeo Cook1, Eric Dearing1 and Henrik Daae Zachrisson2,3, (1)Boston College, (2)The Norwegian Center for Child Behavioral Development, (3)University of Oslo

Consumers and Mobile Financial Services
Alexandra Marie Brown, Ellen A. Merry, Logan M. Thomas, Sam Dodini, Alejandra A. Lopez-Fernandini and Christina Park, Federal Reserve Board

Reshaping a policy subsystem: fusion voting in Connecticut
Clifford Frasier, New York University

Decreasing Public Investment in Higher Education and the Rise of Student Loans: A Case Study of New Jersey
James DiGenno1, Andrea Hetling1, Kevin Llangari1, Michelle Mayer1, Brandon McKoy2 and Gordon MacInnes2, (1)Rutgers University - New Brunswick, (2)New Jersey Policy Perspective

Does National Service Impact Employability for Youth? a Field Experiment
Jodi Benenson1, Felicia M. Sullivan2 and Noorya Hayat2, (1)University of Nebraska, Omaha, (2)Tufts University

Ensuring the Service Needs of Homeless Families and Their Children Are Met
Jill Khadduri, Abt Associates, Inc. and Lauren Dunton, Abt Associates

Evaluating the Geographic Component of for-Profit Student Outcomes
James Dean Ward, University of Southern California

Front-End Evaluation Planning: Articulating Purpose and Key Questions
Jacqueline H. Singh, Qualitative Advantage, LLC

How Does Neighborhood Organizational Life Differ? New Findings from the Chicago Community Networks Survey
Aurelia Aceves1, Mikael Karlstrom2, Stephen Nuñez1, David Micah Greenberg1, Sarah Schell1 and Edith Yang1, (1)MDRC, (2)University of Chicago

How Latinos' Perceptions of Environmental Health Threats Impact Policy Preferences
Edward D. Vargas, University of Wisconsin – Madison, Gabriel Sanchez, Robert Wood Johnson Center for Health Policy and Matt A. Barreto, University of California, Los Angeles

Impacts of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid Expansion on Access to Care and Use of Preventive Services for Women of Reproductive Age
Emily M. Johnston, Andrea Strahan, E. Kathleen Adams, Anne Dunlop and Peter J. Joski, Emory University

Increasing Fafsa Completion Among Hud-Assisted Youth
Michael DiDomenico1,2, Leah Lozier3 and Barry Steffen3, (1)U.S. General Services Administration, (2)George Washington University, (3)U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Independent Evaluation of the Social Impact Bond-Funded Child-Parent Center Expansion Project
Erika Gaylor, Kate Ferguson and Donna Spiker, SRI International

Integrating Child Nutrition Programs: The Case of California
Caroline Danielson and Sarah Bohn, Public Policy Institute of California

Limited English Language Provisions in the Affordable Care Act and Healthcare Disparities
Terceira Berdahl and James Kirby, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Making Rigorous Impact Evidence Reliable for Local Policy Decision-Making: Examining Prediction of Site-Specific Impacts
Larry Orr1, Elizabeth Stuart1, Robert Olsen2 and Stephen Bell3, (1)Johns Hopkins University, (2)Rob Olsen LLC, (3)Abt Associates, Inc.

Medical out-of-Pocket Expenses Among Children Under the Affordable Care Act
Gilbert Gonzales and Jorge Encinas, Vanderbilt University

NGOs in Global Multi-Stakeholder CSR: An Empirical Analysis of UN Global Compact
Kyung-Min Lee1, Lokesh Dani1, David Cristian Morar1 and Kyoung Cheon Cha2, (1)George Mason University, (2)Dong-A University

Interior Immigration Enforcement and Political Participation of U.S. Citizens in Mixed-Status Households
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, San Diego State University, Mary Lopez, Occidental College and Mehmet Erdem Yaya, Eastern Michigan University

Parental Household Size and Academic Achievement: An Analysis of the ECLS-K 2010-2011 Data
Andrew Hurwitz1, Felicia Hurwitz1, Rui Wang2 and Henry May2, (1)Mathematica Policy Research, (2)University of Delaware

Persistence of Financial Burdens Among Adults with Functional Limitations and Chronic Conditions
Didem Bernard and Thomas Selden, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Pharmaceutical Innovation with Project Co-Opetition
Xiaolu Wang, Cornell University

Promises Fulfilled? Estimating the Academic Effects of Promise Programs
Elise Swanson, Malachi Nichols and Angela Watson, University of Arkansas

Public Perception Towards Various Policy Instruments Under Technology Uncertainties -- Learning from Smog Control Policies in China
Lingyi Zhou1, Yixin Dai1, Yangyang Xie2,3, Lina Gu1 and Ming Wang1, (1)Tsinghua University, (2)Beijing Key Laboratory of Indoor Air Quality Evaluation and Control, (3)Department of Building Science, School of Architecture

Racial and Ethnic Income Inequality and Mobility from 2000 to 2013: Evidence from Matched IRS-Census Bureau Data
Randall Akee1, Maggie R. Jones2 and Sonya Rastogi Porter2, (1)University of California, Los Angeles, (2)U.S. Census Bureau

Report on the Economic Well-Being of US Households in 2015
Jeff Larrimore, Alexandra Marie Brown and Anna Tranfaglia, Federal Reserve Board

Survey of Enterprising and Informal Work Activities
Barbara Robles, Marysol McGee and Alexandra Marie Brown, Federal Reserve Board

The Effect of Formulary Benefit Design on Utilization of Prescription Opioids By Disabled Medicare Part D Beneficiaries
Erin Taylor1, Andrew Mulcahy1, Spencer Case1, Rosalie Malsberger1, Rosalie Pacula2 and Janice Blanchard1, (1)RAND Corporation, (2)Pardee RAND Graduate School

The Effect of State Vaccination Exemption Policies on Pre-K and Kindergarten Enrollment
Emily R. Zier and W. David Bradford, University of Georgia

The Illinois Longitudinal Data System: An Implementation Network Case Study
Ann T Kellogg, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The Impact of Medicaid Coverage on Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption
Benjamin Ukert, Georgia State University and Lorenzo Almada, Columbia University

The Relationship Between State-Level Policies Restricting Abortion and State-Level Abortion Rates
Danielle Atkins, University of Tennessee, Vicky Wilkins, American University and Daniel L. Fay, Florida State University

The Roles of Political Competition and Financial Autonomy in the Diffusion of Policy Innovations in South Korea: The Case of Participatory Budgeting Policy
Jooho Lee1, Soonhee Kim2 and Junesoo Lee2, (1)University of Nebraska, (2)KDI School of Public Policy and Management

Using Open Data for Identifying Causal Effects of Public Policy
Christopher Eshleman, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Jonathan Auerbach, Columbia University and Rob Trangucci, iSENTIUM

Will Information about Program Quality Change How Parents Choose Child Care? New Evidence from Louisiana on the Role of Quality in Parental Decision-Making
Daphna Bassok1, Chloe Gibbs2, Amanda Johnson1 and Preston Magouirk1, (1)University of Virginia, (2)University of Chicago

Managing Social Evaluation: The Case of Planned Parenthood
Jaclyn D. Petruzzelli, Syracuse University

Assessing Economic Revitalization in NJ: A Comparative Study of Camden and Neighboring Municipalities
David Okereke, Rutgers University - Camden and Straso Jovanovski, Rutgers University, Camden

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