Poster: Poster Session & Luncheon

Saturday, November 5, 2016: 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
Columbia Ballroom (Washington Hilton)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

This poster luncheon is free to all conference attendees, but a ticket will be required to pick up a lunch. Tickets, which will be limited, can be obtained from any of the presenting authors during the session. A full list of posters being presented can be found in the Poster section in the back of this program.

A Duration Analysis Approach to Variety Change on Wheat Farms in Bihar, India
Mukesh K Ray and Mywish Maredia, Michigan State University

A Resilience Perspective on Organizational Adaptation to Ecological Adversity
Viviane Clement and Jorge Rivera, George Washington University

A View from a State Legislature: Gender and the Policymaking Process
Mary Eve, Patrice Spirou, Georgia Institute of Technology

Agenda-Setting the Heroin and Prescription Opioid Epidemics: Comparing State Media Salience and Overdose Deaths
Bikki Tran Smith, Clifford Bersamira and Colleen Grogan, University of Chicago

Barriers to Effective Work-Family Policies for Government Grant Recipients
Catharine Warner-Griffin and Rachel Holzwart, Insight Policy Research

Child Maltreatment and Protective Service Involvement Among Sexual Minority Youth: An Exploration of Prevalence and Risk Factors
June C. Paul, University of Wisconsin – Madison and Emma Kahle, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Development of Non-Cognitive Skills during Vocational Education and Training
Peter Hoeschler and Uschi Backes-Gellner, University of Zurich

Disharmonious Skills and Values: Obstacles in Data Driven Policing
Kimberly Gardner and Eric Lindquist, Boise State University

Displacement, Housing Reconstruction and Long-Term Well-Being after the Indian Ocean Tsunami
Elizabeth Frankenberg, Maria M. Laurito and Duncan Thomas, Duke University

Do Students in High Poverty Schools Benefit from Bonuses Targeting “Highly Effective Teachers”? : Evidence from TN Priority School Retention Bonus Program
Walker A. Swain1, Matthew Springer1 and Luis Alberto Rodriguez2, (1)Vanderbilt University, (2)Tennessee Consortium on Research, Evaluation, and Development

Earnings, Overtime, and Police Complaints
Bocar A Ba, University of Chicago

Evaluating the Impact of State Grant Aid on Proprietary School Tuition
James Dean Ward, University of Southern California

Examining the Links Between Early Cognitive Skills and Adult Earnings Outcomes: Estimating Economic Values
Lynn Karoly1, Jill Cannon1 and Ashley Muchow2, (1)RAND Corporation, (2)Pardee RAND Graduate School

Faith, Poverty, and Place: Congregations and the Geography of Poverty in the US
Jessica Gillooly, University of Michigan and Scott Allard, University of Washington

Public and Private Efforts in Averting Morbidity: Case of Indian Urban Slum Households
Althaf Shajahan and Arnab Mukherji, Indian Institute of Management

Intimate Partner Violence and Female Job Exit in Colombia
Johanna Fajardo-Gonzalez, University of Minnesota

Is “Best Interest of the Child” Best for Every Child? the Long-Term Implications of Gender-Neutral Custody Laws
Yang Chen, IMPAQ International, LLC and Trevon Logan, The Ohio State University

Is Productivity of Nursing in Hospital Care Increasing over Time?
Dan Han, Pardee RAND Graduate School; RAND Corporation and John Romley, University of Southern California

The Language of Stigma and the Mark of Violence
Megan Denver1, Justin Pickett1 and Shawn Bushway2, (1)University at Albany - SUNY, (2)State University of New York at Albany

Medicare Cost Growth, Quantity or Intensity?
Sean Lyons and Kyle Redfield, Congressional Budget Office

Politics and Whistleblower Retaliation
Colin Angus Leslie and William G. Resh, University of Southern California

Regional Government Structure and the Distribution of Public Investment
Yeokwang An, University of Southern California and Raphael Bostic, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Tax Collection: A Coproduction Perspective in Sub-Saharan Africa
Komla Dzigbede, Binghampton University - SUNY and Sandy Zook, Georgia State University

The Effects of Budget on Election Administration
Zachary Thomas Mohr, University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Martha E. Kropf Kropf, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

The Impact of NSP on Bank Behavior
Brett R Barkley, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

The Two-Year Journey through the STEM Pipeline: Examining the Institutional Contexts for Community College Students
Felisha Herrera, San Diego State University and Anthony Villarreal, Claremont Graduate University

The Win-Win Tool: Making Clear the Impacts of Community Level Interventions to Support Evidence-Based Policies
Asya Spears1, Nathaniel Anderson2, Brian Cole2, Jonathan Fielding2, Jeremy Fuller2, Boyd Jackson2, Natalie Rhoads2, Sophie Snyder2, Steven Teutsch2 and Frederick Zimmerman2,3, (1)Pardee RAND Graduate School, (2)University of California, Los Angeles, (3)University of California, Los Angeles

Towards an in silico Experimental Platform for Air Quality: Houston, TX As a Case Study
Bianica Pires1, Gizem Korkmaz1, Katherine Ensor2, David Higdon1, Sallie Ann Keller1, Bryan Lewis1 and Aaron Schroeder1, (1)Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, (2)Rice University

Trade Liberalization and Investment in Children's Human Capital: Evidence from the U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement
Minh Thac Nguyen, University of Illinois, Chicago, Robert Kaestner, University of California, Riverside and Brian McCaig, Wilfrid Laurier University

Trends in Income Inequality and Disability
Christine Fountain1, Katie M Jajtner1, Sophie Mitra1 and Austin Nichols2, (1)Fordham University, (2)Abt Associates

Using Administrative Data for Impact Evaluations
Laura Feeney, Julia Chabrier, Michelle Woodford, Jason Bauman and Geetika Mehra, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Using Assessment Data to Characterize Housing Diversity
Gizem Korkmaz, Emily Molfino, Sallie Ann Keller, Aaron Schroeder and Daniel H Weinberg, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Using Standardized Assessments to Inform the Development of Place-Based Initiatives
Laura Scharphorn and Tomoko Wakabayashi, HighScope Center for Early Education Evaluation

Who Pays for Smokers? Evidence from Twins and Siblings
Moiz Bhai, University of Illinois, Chicago

Winners and Users: Labor Supply Responses to Medical Marijuana Legislation
Lincoln H. Groves, University of Wisconsin – Madison

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