Panel Paper: Practitioner Perspective on the Implementation and Management of a Collaborative Community Youth Initiative

Saturday, November 10, 2018
Truman - Mezz Level (Marriott Wardman Park)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Cody Lallier, Henry Street Settlement

The CJII Youth Opportunity Hubs are being implemented by five practitioner coalitions. Each coalition is unique, but all of them wrestle with similar opportunities and challenges in implementing a data-driven youth program with provider collaboration as its central feature. Especially at a time when the policy community is paying more attention to coordinated community-based initiatives (see, for instance, Greenberg et al. 2018; Flanagan et al. 2018), understanding practitioners’ implementation experience is critical.

This paper will give the practitioner perspective on implementing a Youth Opportunity Hub. Henry Street Settlement, a multi-service community-based organization in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, leads a group of service providers that together constitute the Lower East Side Youth Opportunity Hub. This paper will discuss Henry Street’s experience of building a coalition of practitioners, developing effective partnerships among those practitioners, and developing an integrated system of data management to support this initiative. The paper will also discuss Henry Street’s experience taking part in ISLG’s Hub program oversight and performance measurement system, including data reporting, performance feedback, and ongoing use of data to support performance improvement.

Henry Street will include case studies of young people’s participation in the Hub and will discuss how the Hub’s model of partner coordination can effectively support positive youth development. The discussion will also include a focus on youth voice and empowerment, which are key components of the Hub model.

Finally, this paper will discuss the larger potential and challenge of a coordinated model like the Hub for neighborhoods of concentrated poverty and what lessons the early Hub experience offers for practitioners and policymakers in fields ranging from education to criminal justice.