Panel: Effects of Family Planning Policy: New Research and Findings
(Family and Child Policy)

Thursday, November 7, 2019: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Plaza Building: Concourse Level, Plaza Court 7 (Sheraton Denver Downtown)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Organizer:  Katie Genadek, U.S. Census Bureau
Panel Chair:  Amanda Stevenson, University of Colorado
Discussants:  Katie Genadek, U.S. Census Bureau and Caitlin Knowles Myers, Middlebury College

This panel includes new papers estimating the effects of contemporary policies and programs related to contraception and abortion. In “Reassessing the Effects of Mandatory Waiting Periods for Abortion”, authors examine the effects of a 2015 Tennessee law that requires women to wait 48 hours after counseling before obtaining an abortion. Researchers investigate differential effects of family planning waivers and traditional Medicaid expansion on contraception access, utilization, unintended pregnancy, and birth outcomes in “A multistate comparison Medicaid Family Planning Waivers, State plan amendments on family planning access and outcomes.” Researchers from The Michigan Contraceptive Access, Research, and Evaluation Study (M-CARES) will report on experiences and findings from the first year in the field. Finally, results from the Delaware Contraceptive Access Now (Del-CAN), which increased financial support for publicly funded clinics, delivered clinical and business operations training and technical assistance to providers, and fielded a public awareness campaign to direct patients to trained providers with capacity to deliver LARCs, will be discussed from the paper, “Delaware Contraceptive Access Now: Early Evidence from Title X Clinics.”

Delaware Contraceptive Access Now: Early Evidence from Title X Clinics
Michel Boudreaux, Liyang Xie, Yoon Sun Choi, Dylan H. Roby and Michael S. Rendall, University of Maryland

New Evidence on the Effects of Mandatory Waiting Periods for Abortion
Jason M. Lindo and Mayra Pineda Torres, Texas A&M University

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