Panel: Governing Sustainable Giant Cities through the New Globalization of One Belt, One Road Policy Initiative
(Sustainable Urban and Metropolitan Development)

Friday, July 20, 2018: 11:00 AM-12:30 PM
Building 3, Room 206 (ITAM)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Panel Chair:  Ali Farazmand, Florida Atlantic University

This panel addresses what I have called the New Globalization Movement: China's Win-Win Global Initiative for sustainable economic development and governance of "giant cities and metropolitan communities" across Asia, Africa, Latin & Central America, and Europe. Unlike the first wave of accelerated corporate globalization of capital that had promised too much and delivered little and entailed many negative as well as some positive consequences worldwide, the New Globalization will likely generate all gains without any major losers. Its primary benefits aim at economic development and helping with governance and management of "giant cities and metropolitan communities" across the world. Giant cities and metropolitan communities have become what some scholars call ungovernable or unmanageable, unless broken into smaller structures, but that would require complex organizational innovations to address such complex systems of giant cities.

 This panel addresses these and other challenges of governing and managing giant cities, offers concrete policy suggestions and strategies that would enhance the capacity to govern and manage a sustainable economic and social environment promoted by the New Globalization Initiative of the One Belt, One Road Strategy, as proposed and currently underway with 3-4 trillion dollar investments via the ancient Silk Road and Maritime Shipping systems that recognizes no boundaries across the globe. Four presenters will present original research papers, followed by a discussant and engaged participation of the audience.  I will chair the panel and present my own paper as well, with over 30 years of experiences at ASPA, APSA, IPSA, and many more international conferences.