Poster: Friday Poster Session

Friday, November 3, 2017: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Regency Ballroom (Hyatt Regency Chicago)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Gender Discrimination in the Decision to Convict
Mark Hoekstra and Brittany Street, Texas A&M University

Charter School Enrollment Impacts for Low-Income Children’s Early Achievement Trajectories
Heather J. Bachman, Leanne Elliott, Paul W. Scott and Monica G. Navarro, University of Pittsburgh

Using Research to Influence State Education Policy Kindergarten to Third Grade: A Partnership of the State University and the State Education Agency
Shannon Riley-Ayers, National Institute for Early Education Research, Alexandra Figueras-Daniel, The National Institute for Early Education Research, Vincent J. Costanza, New Jersey Department of Education and Sharon Ryan, Bank Street College of Education

Does Universal Access to Free School Meals Reduce Inequality in Educational Performance and Behavior?
Sarah Crittenden Fuller and Aubrey Comperatore, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Are School Districts Allocating Resources Equitably? Teacher Experience Gaps and the Every Student Succeeds Act
David S. Knight, Center for Education Research and Policy Studies; University of Texas, El Paso

Can Parents' Growth Mindset and Role Modelling Address STEM Gender Gaps?
Albert Cheng1, Katherine M Kopotic2 and Gema Zamarro2, (1)Harvard University, (2)University of Arkansas

Effects of National Board Certified Teachers on Student Achievement and Behavioral Outcomes: Studies Conducted in Two States
David Manzeske, So Jung Park, Feng Liu, Trisha Borman, Natalya Gnedko-Berry, Benjamin R. West and Evelyn Deng, American Institutes for Research

The Role of Teacher Preparation Programs in New Teaching Hiring
Courtney Preston, Florida State University, Peter Goff, University of Wisconsin - Madison and Maida Finch, Salisbury

Can You Recognize an Effective Adjunct Faculty When You Recruit One?
Florence Xiaotao Ran, Community College Research Center; Teachers College, Columbia University

Delaware's Teacher Recruitment & Hiring Practices: Using Data to Inform Policy & Practice
Claire Robertson-Kraft1, Brittany Mauney2, Nina Hoe1 and Samantha Sangenito1, (1)University of Pennsylvania, (2)Delaware Department of Education

School Environment and Wage Determination in Teacher Labor Markets
Viviana Rodriguez, Teachers College, Columbia University

Time to Proficiency for English Learner Students in Texas
Rachel Slama, Ayrin Molefe, Dean Gerdeman, Angelica Herrera, Iliana Brodziak de los Reyes, Diane August and Linda Cavazos, American Institutes for Research

White Collar Technological Change: Evidence from Job Postings
Eliza C. Forsythe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and Marcus Dillender, -

“His” and “Hers”: Meeting the Economic Bar to Marriage
Christina Gibson-Davis, Anna Gassman-Pines and Rebecca Lehrman, Duke University

Perceptions of Work, Identity and the Work-Family Interface for Low-Wage Workers
Angela Bruns1, Hilary C Wething1 and Heather Hill2, (1)University of Washington, (2)University of Chicago

Physician responses to a medical reversal and subsequent adoption of a new class of drugs – is the past prelude?
Jean Biniek, Laura A. Hatfield and Michael McWilliams, Harvard University

Disparities in Receipt of Prenatal Care: Does Immigrant Status Matter?
Tiffany Green, Mandar V Bodas, Heather Jones, Saba Masho and Nao Hagiwara, Virginia Commonwealth University

Inconsistent Medicaid Coverage and Parenting Stress Among Teen Mothers
Julie M Fife1, Stephanie Mitchell2 and Amy Lewin1, (1)University of Maryland, (2)Children's National Health System

Longer Term Labor Market Effects Of The Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid Expansions
Angshuman Gooptu, Angshuman Gooptu and Angshuman Gooptu, Indiana University

Neighborhood Networks and Program Participation
Daniel S Grossman, West Virginia University and Umair Khalil, University of Adelaide

The Changing Composition and Capacity of Medicare Workforce
Xinxin Han, Clese Elaine Erikson and Qian Luo, George Washington University

Measuring Uncertainty: the Role of Standard Reference Data in the Reconfiguration of Medical Practice
Doyoung Lee, Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Using Administrative Data to Capture Population Prevalence and Needs to Inform Program Delivery
Lindsay Shea1,2, Paul F Turcotte1,2, Stacy Nonnemacher3 and Nina Wall3, (1)AJ Drexel Autism Institute, (2)ASERT Collaborative, (3)Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism Services

The Pregnancy Experiences of Women in Rural Communities in Romania: Understanding Ethnic and Social Disparities
Katherine LeMasters1, Anne Wallis2, Katherine Tumlinson1 and Andra Brinzaniuc3, (1)University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, (2)University of Louisville, (3)Cluj School of Public Health

Utilization of the CRISP Encounter Notification Service in Maryland and Washington, D.C.
Roza Vazin, Darrell J. Gaskin and Rachael McCleary, Johns Hopkins University

Accidental Attenuation: Impacts of Property Tax Circuit Breakers on Gentrification
Jason Daniel Shumberger, Seongkyung Cho and Joanna Duke Lucio, Arizona State University

Regulation of interest group advocacy in Brazil: legal framework and new policy
Diaulas Costa Ribeiro1,2, Néfi Cordeiro1,3 and Denis Alves Guimaraes1,4, (1)The Catholic University of Brasilia, (2)State Court of Appeals of the Federal District and Territories, (3)Superior Court of Justice, (4)AGPR

Institution vs. Specific Persons: Who Gets the Blame in The Event of Catastrophic Natural Disasters?
Kristine Laura Canales, JoEllen V. Pope and Cherie Maestas, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Food Costs, And Nutritional Quality Of U.S. Household Food Purchases By Share Of Spending On Meat: Implications For U.S. Consumers And Federal Nutrition Policy
Rebecca L. Boehm1, Michele Ver Ploeg2, Parke Wilde3 and Sean B. Cash3, (1)University of Connecticut, (2)U.S. Department of Agriculture, (3)Tufts University

Tax Policy and Well-being
Moiz Bhai, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

To eat or not to eat? An Explorative analysis of Food Security Among Disconnected Women
Rhucha P. Samudra, State University of New York at Brockport

The Harmful Effects of Economic Inequality on Educational Outcomes: An Examination of PISA Scores, 2000-2015
Greg Thorson, Sera Gearhart and Lidya Stamper, University of Redlands

The Impacts of Poverty on Children in the National Capital Region
Marvin C Walker and Sharon A. Cheatham, Northeastern University

Philadelphia Water Department Citizen Engagement: Using Data to Better Serve the Public
Nina DePena Hoe1, Claire Robertson-Kraft1, Joanne Dahme2, Hailey Stern3 and Tiffany Ledesma4, (1)University of Pennsylvania, (2)Philadelphia Water Department, (3)Trans-Pacific Engineering Corp., (4)CDM Smith

Do GASB 43 and 45 Impact Municipal Borrowing Costs
Jinhai Yu, University of Kentucky

Creating a Digital Archive for Doing Research on the Production of Social Science Knowledge
Roberta Spalter-Roth1, Jean Shin2 and James Witte1, (1)George Mason University, (2)American Sociological Association

Developing a Measure of Accessibility of the Public Workforce System
Kay Magill, Linda Toms Barker and Eileen Poe-Yamagata, IMPAQ International, LLC

Re-envisioning the Child Welfare Case Review Process: Using Case Review Data to Inform Long-Term Systems Change
Katelin Lorenze, Hannah Knouse and Tyler Oettinger, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Neighborhood Tabulation Areas: Enhancing Population Health and Human Services Capacity in NYC through Shared Information at the Small Area Level
Kathleen H. Reilly1,2, Maryanne Schretzman3, Eileen Johns3, Nebahat Noyan3, Jessica A Raithel3, Andy Martens3, Jacob Berman3, Erica Jade Mullen4, Sara Workman5, Renata Howland2, Anna Zhilkova2, Michelle Paggi6, Regina Zimmerman2, Gretchen Culp2, Kevin Konty2, Arun Peter Lobo7, Joseph Salvo7, Nathan Myers8 and David Siscovick9, (1)New York City Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence, (2)New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, (3)New York City Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health & Human Services, (4)New York City Department of Social Services, (5)New York City Administration for Children's Services, (6)New York City Department for the Aging, (7)New York City Department of City Planning, (8)United Hospital Fund of New York, (9)The New York Academy of Medicine

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