Poster: Saturday Poster Luncheon

Saturday, November 4, 2017: 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
Regency Ballroom (Hyatt Regency Chicago)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Identifying Magnet School Profiles in North Carolina: A Mixture Modeling Approach
Melinda Adnot and Savannah Williams, Davidson College

Determinants of ELL Reclassification
Molly I. Beck, University of Arkansas

Ready for Kindergarten? School Readiness Measurement and Outcomes
Kirby A. Chow, Erika E. Gaylor and Shari Golan, SRI International

Job Satisfaction, Job Matching, and Compensation of College Graduates in a Recession
Huade Huo and Jeremy Redford, American Institutes for Research

Cost-Effectiveness of Early Childhood Interventions to Enhance Head Start: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
David S. Knight1, Susan H. Landry2, Tricia A. Zucker2, Jeffrey M. Williams2, Emily C. Merz2, Cathy L. Guttentag2 and Heather B. Taylor2, (1)University of Texas, El Paso, (2)University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Intent of Chinese Families to Send Children to Study Abroad: Evidence from China Family Panel Studies
Xin Li1, Wei Ha1 and Baoyan Cheng2, (1)Peking University, (2)University of Hawaii

Behavioral And Social Scientists Workforce Mobility Between Academic And Nonacademic Career Paths
Julie A. Maurer, Hyungjo Hur and Joshua Hawley, The Ohio State University

The Geography of Success in Engineering Majors: Exploring Rural-Nonrural Disparities
Jean Felix Ndashimye, University of Missouri, Columbia and Rajeev Darolia, University of Kentucky

The Effect of Multigrade Classrooms on Student Behavior
Reza Sattari, The Ohio State University

Does Tax Increment Financing of Promise Zones Impact the Funding of Coterminous Public School Districts? Evidence from the State of Michigan
Edward J Smith, University of Pennsylvania and Jacqueline Slabby, Battle Creek Public Schools Board of Education

The Effect of Credit Mobility on Post-Transfer Outcomes
George Spencer, New York University

Head Start Investment in Mentoring: Mentorship Characteristics in Relation to Classroom Quality
Michelle Taylor, Manuela Jimenez and Megan Pratt, Arizona State University

A Promising Culture: College Going Culture and the El Dorado Promise
Angela R. Watson and Gary Ritter, University of Arkansas

Wisconsin’s Act 10 and its influences on equity: An investigation of state revenue and educational cost
Minseok Yang and Nicholas Mitchell, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Performance Under Pressure: How Compensation Schemes Interact with Task Type in Incentivizing Performance
Jennifer Graves, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Joaquin Artes Caselles, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Meryl Motika, University of California, Davis

Bridge Employment: A Skill- and Occupation-Biased Retirement Trend?
Zeewan Lee, University of Southern California

Educational outcomes, labor market participation and childhood neighborhood exposure: Evidence from sibling comparisons in Norway
George Galster, Wayne State University, Anna Maria Santiago, Michigan State University, Kristin Aarland, Oslo and Akershus University and Viggo Nordvik, Nova, HiOA

Discrepancies in Child Support Paid and Owed Among Noncustodial Parents: Evidence from Survey and State Administrative Data
Angela M. Guarin Aristizabal, Melody K. Waring, Maria Cancian and Daniel R. Meyer, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Long-term Impact of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence on Women and Families: Preliminary Evidence from War-affected Regions of Northern Uganda
Mahlet A Woldetsadik1, Grace Achan2 and Oryem Nyeko2, (1)Pardee RAND Graduate School, (2)Justice Reconciliation Project

Factors Associated with the Acceptance of New TRICARE and Medicare Patients by Health Care Providers
Priyanka Anand1, Yonatan Ben-Shalom2 and Eric Schone2, (1)George Mason University, (2)Mathematica Policy Research

The Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Health Insurance Market Competition
Steven Bednar1, Frederic Blavin2 and Seth Gatto1, (1)Elon University, (2)Urban Institute

Proximity to Community Health Centers and Access to Care Under the ACA
Anuj Gangopadhyaya, Stacey McMorrow and Sharon Long, Urban Institute

Patient Satisfaction and Economic Conditions
Kimberly D Groover, University of Georgia

An Impact Assessment of Permanent Supportive Housing in Dallas, Texas
Patricia Chen, University of Texas, Dallas

Using Hedonic Regression Coefficient Estimates to Predict House Prices in India
Arnab Dutta, Venky Panchapagesan and Madalasa Venkataraman, Indian Institute of Management

Do Chinese housing policies control housing prices?
Yingyuan Zhang, University of Texas, Dallas

Right Of Way: Hasids Vs. Hiosters In The Space Of A Brooklyn Street
Andrea V Marpillero-Colomina, The New School

Does electoral pressure lead to better government performance?
Abigail Allison Peralta, Texas A&M University

Biased Regulation and Environmental Race to the Bottom
Tingjia Chen and Edella Schlager, University of Arizona

Goal Setting and Energy Conservation in China: Examining How Government Allocates Targets to Businesses
Liang Ma, Renmin University of China and Jiaqi Liang, New Mexico State University

Monitoring Multidimensional Child Poverty for SDG 1.2.2
Chris De Neubourg1,2, Nesha Ramful1,2, Julia Karpati1,2 and Erëblina Elezaj Elezaj1,2, (1)Social Policy Research Institute, (2)Tilburg University

Disparity in Access to Healthy Food in Atlanta
Joowon Jeong and Cathy Liu, Georgia State University

A family-focused intervention serving multi-barrier TANF families: Pathways to successful implementation
Alexandra B. Stanczyk1, Sarah Carnochan1, Evelyn Hengeveld-Bidmon2 and Michael J. Austin1, (1)University of California, Berkeley, (2)EHB Consulting

Multiple Program Participation and Long-Term Employment and Earnings Trajectories among Single-Mother Families
Chi-Fang Wu, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and Yu-Ling Chang, University of California, Berkeley

The Degree Decree: Formal Education and Access to Job Opportunities in the Nonprofit Sector
Jodi Benenson and Melanie Chapman, University of Nebraska, Omaha

A Systematic Review of Diversity and Representative Bureaucracy
Zhongnan Jiang, The Ohio State University

E-Governance in Public Management
Wallis Romzek, American University

Using Geographic Information Systems for an Alternative Definition of Neighborhood
A. Rupa Datta1, Kanru Xia2 and Joshua Borton2, (1)National Opinion Research Center, (2)NORC at the University of Chicago

Better Measuring the Efficiency of Nonprofits
Jason Coupet, University of Illinois, Chicago and Jessica Haynie, North Carolina State University

Real-World Challenges to Randomization and Their Solutions
Kenya Heard1,2, Elisabeth O'Toole1,2, Rohit Naimpally1,2 and Lindsey Bressler1,2, (1)J-PAL North America, (2)Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This poster luncheon is free to all conference attendees, but a ticket will be required to pick up a lunch. Tickets, which will be limited, can be obtained from any of the presenting authors during the session. A full list of posters being presented can be found in the Poster section in the back of this program.

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