Panel: Competition in the Healthcare Industry

Thursday, November 7, 2019: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
I.M Pei Tower: 2nd Floor, Tower Court D (Sheraton Denver Downtown)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Organizer:  David Slusky, University of Kansas
Panel Chair:  David Slusky, University of Kansas
Discussants:  Shruthi Venkatesh, Carnegie Mellon University and Ted Rosenbaum, Federal Trade Commission

This session covers the application of the industrial organization field of economics to the healthcare industry across four dimensions: multimarket contact in the health insurance space (in Medicare Advantage), common ownership of hospitals (through publicly traded hospital management companies), physician group mergers, and Certificates of Public Advantage (which offer antitrust immunity contingent on active regulation by the state). The results of these papers will be crucial for federal antitrust regulators as they consider how and where to respond to increasing market power across the healthcare industry. This is also all the more important as there continues to be policy variation in health insurance and healthcare pricing.

Investigating the Effects of Common Ownership on Hospital Prices
Jose Azar1, Jessica Dutra2, Donna Ginther3 and David Slusky3, (1)IESE Business School, (2)Economists Incorporated, (3)University of Kansas

Certificates of Public Advantage and Hospital Prices: Evidence from Montana and South Carolina
Christopher Garmon, University of Missouri, Kansas City and Kishan Bhatt, Princeton University

The Effect of Physician Group Mergers on the Health Outcomes of Medicare Beneficiaries
Thomas Koch, Brett Wendling and Nathan Wilson, Federal Trade Commission

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