Special Events: APPAM Communities: Women in Economics @ APPAM

Thursday, November 7, 2019: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Speakers:  Sarah Komisarow1, Elizabeth Ananat1 and Amy Ellen Schwartz2, (1)Duke University(2)Syracuse University

This gathering is intended for scholars and researchers committed to doing research about, supporting the development of, and/or advancing professional opportunities for women economists in the APPAM community. This includes scholars and researchers at all career stages (e.g., students, post-docs, early career, mid-career, senior, etc.) and in all academic, professional, and/or public policy settings.
The purpose of this gathering is to bring together a community of scholars and researchers who share interests, experiences, and/or commitment to the aforementioned areas. This gathering will facilitate personal, one-on-one interactions among attendees within the larger conference setting and thereby provide opportunities for participants to develop professional relationships, support networks, and collaborations. This gathering will also provide a forum for women economists within the APPAM community to share professional concerns and identify and pursue potential solutions, including developing and planning future activities at APPAM as needed. The primary activities at this gathering will be peer-mentoring and networking.

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