Poster: Saturday Poster Session & Luncheon

Saturday, November 8, 2014: 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
Ballroom B (Convention Center)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Advocacy in Nonprofit Organizations: A Leadership Perspective
Dyana Mason, University of Southern California

Collaboration and Competition Between Nonprofit Organizations in Homeless Service Delivery Networks
Qian Hu, University of Central Florida, Kun Huang, University of New Mexico and Bin Chen, Tongji University

Social Expenditures and Infant Mortality
Joyce Shim, Dominican University

Teachers' and Principals' Perspectives on the Common Core after Full Implementation
Jenifer Corn, Sara Weiss, Lauren Bryant and Avril Smart, North Carolina State University

Contributions of the National Science Foundation's Discovery Research K-12 Projects to the Fields of Science and Mathematics Education
Linda Caswell1, Alina Martinez1, Okhee Lee2, Barbara Brauner Berns3 and Hilary Rhodes4, (1)Abt Associates, Inc., (2)New York University, (3)Educational Development Center, (4)The Wallace Foundation

Understanding Frequent Jail Usage, Homelessness, and Mental Health – a Note from the Field
Melissa Kovacs1,2 and Noor Singh1, (1)Maricopa County, AZ, (2)FirstEval

Maternal Incarceration and Children's Risky Behaviors in Young Adulthood
Xing Zhang and Allison M. Dwyer, Cornell University

Pathways to Prison in New York State
Shawn Bushway, State University of New York, Albany, Jing Liu, State of New York, Division of Criminal Justice Services and Sarah Tahamont, University at Albany - SUNY

The Determinants of Terrorist Organization Innovation
Kathleen Deloughery, State University of New York, Albany

Measuring the Salience of School Choice Policies
Dick M. Carpenter, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Work-Family Policies in Spain (2003-2007)
Consuelo León, Universitat Internacional Catalunya

Estimating the Effect of Public Schools in Students Performance in Colombia
Santiago A. Tellez Canas, University of Texas, Austin

Welfare Trap or Helping Hand?: Evidence from Job Creation Programs in South Korea
Kilkon Ko, Hyunwoo Tak and Daejung Kim, Seoul National University

Peer Effects, Immigration and Homophily: Evidence from High School Education Among U.S. Adolescents
Yilan Xu and Shanshan Wang, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Do Visible Tattoos Affect Recidivism?
Kaitlyn Harger, West Virginia University

Timing of Remediation and College Outcomes
Zun Tang and Sarah Truelsch, City University of New York

The Impact of School Failure on Non-Achievement Outcomes
John B. Holbein and Helen Ladd, Duke University

Cognitive Development in Andhra Pradesh, India: a Structural Estimation
Raul Oscar Sanchez, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Examining the Role of Trust, Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Goal Convergence on Network Effectiveness in Public Security Networks
Cihan Demirhan1,2, Naim Kapucu1 and Sedat Eliuz1, (1)University of Central Florida, (2)Turkish Ministry of Interior

Representation and Race: Teacher Referral of Minority Students to Advanced Placement Courses
Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Vanderbilt University; Tennessee Consortium on Research, Evaluation, and Development

Heterogeneous Employment Effects of the Minimum Wage
Samuel M. Lundstrom, University of California, Irvine

Strategies, Outcomes, and Policy Implications from a State Race to the Top Professional Development Initiative
Sara Weiss, Jenifer Corn, Lauren Bryant, Avril Smart and Shaun Kellogg, North Carolina State University

Outcomes, and Policy Implications from a State Race to the Top Principal Training Initiative
Sara Weiss and Jenifer Corn, North Carolina State University

Political Dimensions of Privatizing Cities
Eunju Kang and Mansokku Lee, State University of New York, Geneseo

Ripple Effects of Charter Schools on Educational Opportunity: Charterization in New York City
Corey Bunje Bower and William J. Campbell, Niagara University

Protecting the “Others”: LGBT Specific Bullying Legislation and Education Codes
Daniel L. Fay, The University of Georgia and W. David Bradford, University of Georgia

The Effect of State-Level Sex Education Policies on Sex Education
Danielle Atkins, University of Tennessee and W. David Bradford, University of Georgia

Creating Effective Performance Based Accountability: When Process Matters As Much (or More) Than Design
Thomas M. Rabovsky, Indiana University, Alisa Hicklin Fryar, University of Oklahoma and Thaddieus Conner, New Mexico State University

The Invisible Children: What Standardized Test Left behind in Chile
Alvaro Quezada-Hofflinger, University of Texas, Austin

Job Accessibility, Welfare Usage, and Reemployment Stability: An Integrated Framework for Employment Programs Evaluation
Yun-Hsiang Hsu, National Central University and Hsin-Chung Liao, Shih Hsin University

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