Panel: Innovations in Career and Technical Education Policies and Their Impacts on Student Outcomes

Saturday, November 9, 2019: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Plaza Building: Concourse Level, Governor's Square 15 (Sheraton Denver Downtown)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Organizer:  Shaun Dougherty, Vanderbilt University
Panel Chair:  Brian Jacob, University of Michigan
Discussants:  Mikko Silliman, Harvard University and Jonathon Attridge, Tennessee Department of Education

Research and policy interest in career and technical education (CTE) as a mechanism to improve student outcomes and prepare students for the workforce has grown over the last decade. Policy innovations and changes in program offerings have outstripped evidence of efficacy, in an area of education research that is already thin on causal evidence. What evidence does exist utilizes data (e.g. Bishop & Mane 2006; Kemple & Willner 2008; Neumark & Rothstein 2006) that is more than a decade old and may no longer represent the current state of CTE programs and offerings.  In this panel, the four papers tackle policy changes or opportunities for quasi-experimental estimation of impacts of high school based CTE programs and training. Together, these papers provide evidence of impact across three states and address how funding changes (Michigan and California), credential receipt (Michigan), and access to specialized schools for CTE (Connecticut) effect student learning and transition to the labor market. Each paper highlights important dimensions of heterogeneity of program impact that should support the creation or modification of related programs and policies.

The Effect of Earning Industry Recognized Credentials in High School on College Enrollment, Graduation, and Early Labor Market Outcomes
Daniel Kreisman1, Brian Jacob2, Alfredo Martin1 and Thomas Goldring1, (1)Georgia State University, (2)University of Michigan

The Utilization and Quality of Career and Technical Education: Evidence from a Funding Change in Michigan
Thomas Goldring1, Brian Jacob2 and Daniel Kreisman1, (1)Georgia State University, (2)University of Michigan

The Effects of Career and Technical Education: Evidence from the Connecticut Technical High School System
Eric Brunner1, Shaun Dougherty2 and Stephen L. Ross1, (1)University of Connecticut, (2)Vanderbilt University

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