Poster: Welcome Reception with Poster Session

Thursday, November 7, 2019: 5:00 PM-7:00 PM
Plaza Building: Concourse Level, Plaza Exhibits (Sheraton Denver Downtown)

*Names in bold indicate Presenter

Attendees are invited to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while viewing the evening's poster presentations. 

Experiences of Homelessness Among Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) Youth in the U.S.: Findings from CDC’s START—a National-Level Convenience Sample of Sgm Youth Recruited Using Social Media
Christopher Hansen1, Erin Fordyce1, Melissa Heim Viox1, Rachel Carpenter1, Sabrina Avripas1, Stuart Michaels1, Chris Harper2, Michelle Johns3 and Richard Dunville3, (1)NORC at the University of Chicago, (2)CDC National Center for Injury Control and Prevention, (3)CDC Division of Adolescent and School Health

Prevalence and Persistence of Material Hardship during the Current Economic Boom
Michael Karpman, Stephen Zuckerman, Dulce Gonzalez and Gina Adams, Urban Institute

Federal City-Pair Program: A Policy in Need of Reform?
Kathleen Doody1, Scott Limbocker2 and Andrew Dowdle1, (1)University of Arkansas, (2)United States Military Academy

Does the Measurement Matter? Assessing Alternate Approaches to Measuring State School Finance Equity for California’s Local Control Funding Formula
David S. Knight1, Jesus E. Mendoza2 and Jinseok Shin1, (1)University of Washington, (2)City of El Paso, Texas

Our Town: Support for Housing Growth When Localism Meets Liberalism
Weihuang Wong, NORC at the University of Chicago

The Heterogenous Impact of College Education on Happiness By Gender
Haeil Jung, Korea University and Jung-ah Gil, Seoul National University

Defining Poverty in an Era of Extreme Inequality
Robert Allen Manduca, Harvard University

Winning the Fight for Democracy: The Impact of Local Policy
Kristina M. Patterson and Austin Hinkley, Georgia Southern University

Bureaucratic Control Dilemma: How Subnational Governments Strategically Resist Central Rules in China
Shiyang Xiao, Syracuse University and Xufeng Zhu, Tsinghua University

Changing Longevity, Social Security Retirement Benefits and Potential Adjustments
Gayle Reznik1, Kenneth Couch2, Christopher Tamborini1 and Howard Iams1, (1)U.S. Social Security Administration, (2)University of Connecticut

Are Bilingual Educational Programmes a New Source of Inequality of Opportunities in Spain? a Case Study of the Spanish Region of Madrid
Mauro Mediavilla1,2, María Jesús Mancebón3, José-María Gómez-Sancho3 and Luis Pires4, (1)University of Valencia, (2)Barcelona Institute of Economics, (3)University of Zaragoza, (4)Universtity of Rey Juan Carlos

Breaking the One Child Policy in China
Zhengtao Li, Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics and Wanxin Li, City University of Hong Kong

Impacts of Smart Beginnings on Parent Support of Language and Cognitive Stimulation at 6 Months
Elizabeth B. Miller1, Caitlin F. Canfield1, Anne M. Gill2, Alan L. Mendelsohn1, Pamela A. Morris1 and Daniel S. Shaw2, (1)New York University, (2)University of Pittsburgh

The National Landscape of Sodium Reduction Policy: State and Local Laws and Regulations
Arielle Sloan1, Siobhan Gilchrist2, Tom Keane3, Jennifer Rutledge Pettie3, Aunima Bhuiya1 and Lauren Taylor1, (1)Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, (2)IHRC, Inc., (3)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Automatability of Skills and Unretirement Occupational Sorting
Zeewan Lee, University of Southern California

Child Poverty in China: The Roles of Social Assistance Versus Universal Child Grants
Yi Wang1, Fuhua Zhai2 and Qin Gao1, (1)Columbia University, (2)Fordham University

Effects of Child Support Full Pass through on Colorado Families in Need
Michael Martinez-Schiferl, Tom Zolot and Larry Desbien, Colorado Department of Human Services

Community Decision-Making for Rural Broadband Infrastructure
Casey Canfield1, Ona Egbue2 and Javier Valentin-Sivico1, (1)Missouri University of Science & Technology, (2)University of South Carolina Upstate

Government Outsourcing and Employee Work Attitudes: Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental Approach
Shinwoo Lee, University of South Florida and Gyeo Reh Lee, Indiana University

Heterogeneous Effects of Sex Education on U.S. Teen Birth Rates
Nicholas D.E. Mark and Lawrence Wu, New York University

The Impact of English Language Proficiency on Math Achievement
Xue Gong, University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Role of Coping Strategies and the Social Cash Transfer Program on Individual’s Well-Being in Malawi
Marlous P.M. de Milliano1, Clare Barrington1 and Gustavo Angeles2, (1)University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, (2)University of North Carolina

Understanding the Age-Dependent Impact of Childhood Stressors
William Blankenau1, Amanda Gaulke1 and Tennecia Dacass1,2, (1)Kansas State University, (2)Central Washington University

An Index of State Medicaid Generosity: Description and Predictors
Ashley Fox, State University of New York at Albany, Wenhui Feng, Tufts University and Elizabeth Howell, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Biofixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen in the Context of World Staple Crop Production: Policy Perspectives
Muhammad Salar Khan, James L. Olds and Naoru Koizumi, George Mason University

The Impacts of Benefit Coverage Expansion of Public Health Insurance in Korea
Hye Myung Lee and Hansoo Ko, University of Illinois, Chicago

College Access and Adult Health
Benjamin Cowan, Washington State University and Nathan Tefft, Bates College

The Career Aspirations of Young Women in a Post-Conflict Setting: A Descriptive Study from Sierra Leone
Skye Allmang1, Veronika Rozhenkova1, James Ward Khakshi2, Wameq Raza3 and Jody Heymann1, (1)University of California, Los Angeles, (2)BRAC, (3)World Bank

How Automation and AI Affect Worker Well-Being: Looking Beyond Displacement and Wages
Daniel Schiff, Georgia Institute of Technology and Luísa Nazareno, Georgia State University

The Highs and Lows of Medical Marijuana Legalization
Mary Penn, Sanjukta Basu and Siobhan Innes-Gawn, Tulane University

Fees and Fines: Examining Financial Sanctions in the Juvenile Justice System
Jaclyn E. Chambers1, Jennifer L. Skeem1 and Karin D. Martin2, (1)University of California, Berkeley, (2)University of Washington

Foundation Accountability through Openness
Jihye Jung, University of Colorado, Denver

Medical Team Discretion and Informal Caregiver Well-Being
Brenda M. Gellner, University of Washington

Maternal Mortality in the United States: Lessons Learned from California and Policy Recommendations
Chloe R. Nichols and Alison K. Cohen, University of San Francisco

It's All Local: Using Spatial Analysis to Estimate Local Effects of Foreclosure on Neighboring Housing Prices
Stephanie Casey Pierce, Yung Chun and Andrew Van Leuven, The Ohio State University

Disability Perspectives on Leave: A Qualitative Analysis of Leave-Taking Among Workers Affected By Disabilities and Serious Health Conditions
Suma Setty1, Heather Koball, Seth Hartig1 and TJ Sutcliffe3, (1)National Center for Children in Poverty, (2)U.S. House of Representatives

Hacking the Bureaucracy: Policymaking in the Age of the Smart City
Lauren N. McCarthy, George Mason University

Spillover Effect of National Granted Universities on Institutional Expenditure Structure: Does Location Matter?
Zhiyuan Ma, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Junpeng Yan, University of Missouri

Gender and Immigration: The Labor Market Performance of African Women in the United States
Ene Ikpebe, American University and Michael Seeborg, Illinois Wesleyan University

The Spillover Effects of Medicare Advantage on Health Care Utilization and Spending Among Traditional Medicare Beneficiaries with Multiple Chronic Conditions
Sungchul Park1, Lindsay L.Y. White2, Paul Fishman2 and Norma B. Coe3, (1)Drexel University, (2)University of Washington, (3)University of Pennsylvania

The Effect of Giving Tuesday on Year-End Giving
Danielle Vance-McMullen, University of Memphis and Nathan Dietz, University of Maryland

The Federal Criminal Justice and Immigration Experience of Aliens
Christopher Robert Cutler and Gerry Gaes, Abt Associates, Inc.

Rural Electrification in Colombia: Policy Alternatives to Promote Rural Microgrids
Jennifer F. Sklarew, Maction Komwa and Yesid G. Castano Cerpa, George Mason University

Why Waste? Local Factors and Recycling Outcomes. a Case Study of North Carolina Counties
Titiksha Fernandes, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

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