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Thursday, November 8, 2018: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
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*Names in bold indicate Presenter

California's Proposition 47: How Did This Reduction in Penalities for Lower-Level Drug and Property Offenses Affect Incarceration Levels and Recidivism Rates?
Mia Bird1, Viet Nguyen1 and Ryken Grattet2, (1)Public Policy Institute of California, (2)University of California, Davis

Incentives and Enforcement: How Financial Incentives Shape Policing
Michael J. McCamman, University of Arizona

Revisiting Compliance Inspections of Tobacco Retailers and Youth Tobacco Use
Bo Feng and Michael Pesko, Georgia State University

Encouraging Engagement and Data Informed Decision Making through the Early Head Start Child Care Partnership’s Self-Assessment
Bentley Ponder, Carol Hartman, Jessie Bruno and Alexandria Williams, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

Expanding Access to 8th Grade Algebra: Does Readiness Matter?
Nicholas Sorensen1, Kirk Walters1, Whitney Cade1, Marisa de la Torre2, Jordan Rickles1 and Ryan Eisner1, (1)American Institutes for Research, (2)University of Chicago

A Fair Chance: Undoing High Failure Rates on Licensing Tests to Diversify the Teacher Workforce
Hannah J Putman and Kate Walsh, National Council on Teacher Quality

The Local Effects of the Texas Shale Boom on Schools, Students, and Teachers
Jeremy Weber, University of Pittsburgh and Joseph Marchand, University of Alberta

The Role of Preschool Math Instruction in the Development of Early Executive Function Skills
Jane E. Hutchison and Deborah Phillips, Georgetown University

State-Level Early Childhood Data Systems Utilization
Nell Williams, University of Pennsylvania; Consortium for Policy Research in Education

Sustained Effects of Pre-K through Fifth Grade, but Not through Eighth Grade in Miami
Kaitlyn Mumma and Adam Winsler, George Mason University

Temporary Adjuncts As an Effective Way to Screen for Effective Long-Term Instructors: Are Colleges Retaining the Most Effective Adjuncts?
Florence Xiaotao Ran, Community College Research Center and Di Xu, University of California, Irvine

The Use of Financial Incentives to Attract and Retain High-Performing Teachers
Veronica Katz and Emily Wiseman, University of Virginia

What Impact Does Mandating School-Based Prevention Programing Have on Students and Schools? an Implementation and Outcomes Focused Policy Analysis
Catherine P. Bradshaw1, Ji Hoon Ryoo1, Rashelle Musci2, Joseph Kush1 and Elise T. Pas2, (1)University of Virginia, (2)Johns Hopkins University

Labor Market Premiums of Occupational Licenses and Certifications Among Employees without a Bachelor’s Degree
Jeounghee Kim, Rutgers University and Sangeeta Chatterji, Johns Hopkins University

Minimum Wages and Well-Being
Moiz Bhai, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

Moving Forward. Self-Efficacy to Empower and Achieve Organizational Inclusion.
Marta Squadrito, Virginia Commonwealth University

Social Security and Retirement in Korea: Evidence from Longitudinal Data
Hankyung Jun and Emma Aguila, University of Southern California

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adult Human Capital
Laura E Henkhaus, University of Southern California

Impact of Medicaid Expansions on Opioid Prescriptions, Hospital Visits, and Mortality
Rahi Abouk1, Ali Moghtaderi2, Lorens Helmchen2 and Jesse Pines2, (1)William Paterson University, (2)George Washington University

Measles Vaccination and Human Capital Development in the United States
Alicia Atwood, University of Illinois, Chicago

The Missing Step: Applying a Policy Research Continuum to Study State Policy Interventions for Advancing the Community Health Worker Workforce
Colleen Barbero1, Erika Fulmer1, Sharada Shantharam2 and Siobhan Gilchrist2, (1)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (2)IHRC, Inc.

The Role of Medicaid Expansion in Access to Opioid Treatment
Jiaqi Zhu1, Qixuan Chen1, Thomas D'Aunno2 and Harold Pollack3, (1)Columbia University, (2)New York University, (3)University of Chicago Urban Labs

Amenity Driven Gentrification
Kalee Burns, Georgia State University

Changes in Homeownership in Pennsylvania’s Rural Municipalities
Kristen Crossney, West Chester University

Are Private Community Amenities Substitutes for Local Public Services in Residential Choices? Revisiting the Micro-Foundations of the Tiebout Sorting Model
Kristine Laura Canales, Cherie Maestas, Martha E. Kropf and Suzanne Leland, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Are Women Held to Higher Standards in the NIH Peer Review Process ?
Silda Nikaj, Rachael Walsh and Paul Jordan, National Institutes of Health

An Exploratory Analysis of the Impact of Patents on Manufacturing Productivity
Anand Kandaswamy and Douglas S Thomas, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Research Capacity Building through International Collaboration: Case Study of Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER)
Sooho Lee, University of West Georgia and Carolyn Fonseca, Management Systems International

Beyond Quasi and Natural Experiments: A New Taxonomy to Improve the Conduct and Interpretation of Causal Research
Dahlia K. Remler, Baruch College, City University of New York and Gregg Van Ryzin, Rutgers University

Building Evaluation Capacity through Design: An Investigation of Statistical Power for Planning Impact Evaluations with Student and Teacher Outcomes
Qi Zhang1, Jessaca Spybrook1 and Fatih Unlu2, (1)Western Michigan University, (2)RAND Corporation

Co-Development of Coastal Sediment Management Models Using Participatory System Dynamics Modeling in Southern California
Brett Sanders, Paroma Wagle, Richard Matthew, Amir AghaKouchak, Nicola Ulibarri, Kristen Goodrich and Matthew Brand, University of California, Irvine

The Ed Tech Rapid Cycle Evaluation Coach: Turning Evidence into Action
Ignacio Martinez, Mathematica Policy Research

Replication of Large Scale RCT Results with Regression Discontinuity: The Case of the Reading Recovery i3 Scale-up
Henry May, Akisha Jones Sarfo and Alyssa R. Englert, University of Delaware

War! What Is It Good for? the Effect of Combat Service on Economic Transitions of Veterans
William Skimmyhorn, United States Military Academy, West Point and Joseph Sabia, University of New Hampshire

Beyond the Curtain of Methane Emissions: A Case of Oklahoma
Jongeun You, University of Colorado, Denver

Co-Benefits of Cap-and-Trade: How Are Local Air Pollution and Health Benefits Distributed in California?
Andrew Fang1, Gabriel Chan1 and Alex Hollingsworth2, (1)University of Minnesota, (2)Indiana University

Evaluating National Responses to Climate Change Policy: Does Federal Structure Matter?
Muhammad Muinul Islam, University of Missouri, Columbia

The Economic Effects of Facebook
Roberto Mosquera, Mofioluwasademi Odunowo, Trent McNamara, Xiongfei Guo and Ragan Petrie, Texas A&M University

How to Understand Fracking Policymaking: Images, Narratives, and Policy Elites’ Perceptions on Hydraulic Fracturing
Creed Tumlison1, Rachael Moyer1, Geoboo Song1 and Michael Jones2, (1)University of Arkansas, (2)Oregon State University

Which Evidence Is Relevant to Policy Analysis?
Daniel Baker, University of California, Berkeley

Immigration in the Hudson Valley: Workforce Challenges and Opportunities
Melinda I. Weisberg, Jessica Hasapis, Gabriella Landicino, Morgan O'Coin and Prateek Samal, Marist College

Composite Financial Status:
An Alternative Approach to Measuring and Forecasting Poverty in China
Zongyang Li, Yuanyuan Yang and Ellen Studer, New York University

Crowding-out or Crowding-in? the Effect of a Social Cash Transfer on Community Support in Ghana
Marlous P.M. de Milliano, Clare Barrington, Sudhanshu Handa and Gustavo Angeles, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Family Assets: The Role of Changing Marriage and Gender on Intrahousehold Assets
Nicole Kovski, Marieka Klawitter and C. Leigh Anderson, University of Washington

Identifying Smallholder Farm Profit Drivers: A Case Study from Kenya
Kim Siegal and Evelyne Nyokangi, One Acre Fund

The Pervasiveness of Saver's Credit Participation across the United States
Victoria Bryant, Internal Revenue Service; George Mason University

More Than Making Friends: The Effects of Agency Attitude on Social Media to Its Adoption and Actual Usage
Yun-Hsiang Hsu, National Central University and Hyungjo Hur, The Ohio State University

An Implementation Perspective to Supplier Diversity Government Contracting
Evelyn Trammell, Florida International University

Are There No Atheists in Foxholes? the Effect of War Deployments on Religion
Resul Cesur, University of Connecticut, Travis Freidman, University of New Hampshire and Joseph Sabia, San Diego State University

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